Audio Clips

First tracks are some of the more commercial songs that i have been involved with……..


Take Me Home (Bradshaw/Wilde) – (Vocals – Jinian Wilde)

I Would Die 4U – Space Cowboy (Feat Jin Wilde) (Vocals – Jinian Wilde)

I Won’t Let You Down“Wilde!” – U.S Release – (Dresti/Wilde) (Vocals – Jinian Wilde)

Life On Mars (Paris Music Remix) – Programming – David Gainsford / (Vocals – Jinian Wilde)

Out Of Touch – Uniting Nations (Vocals – Jinian Wilde)

You & Me – Uniting Nations (Vocals – Jinian Wilde)

Voices – One Track Minds (Vocals – Jinian Wilde)

You – Gainsford/Wilde (Vocals – Jinian Wilde)

**** Small World Incident ****

About 10 years ago (approx) i had the incredible pleasure to work

with two very talented & really wonderful guys, Mike & Steve, who

create beautiful music using the name of “Small World Incident”.

They were putting together their “END” album and i was lucky

enough to be able to contribute both vocally & otherwise……

The following clips are taken from that very album.

Please check them out if you like what you hear….

01: Small World Incident – Knowing When To Stop

02: Small World Incident – Hope You’re Happy

03: Small World Incident – Snakes & Ladders

04: Small World Incident – This Depressing Life



1: |leftbg=0x9400D3|rightbg=0x00BFFF|lefticon=0xFFFFFF|righticon=0xFFFFFF|loop=no]

2: |leftbg=0x00BFFF|rightbg=0x9400D3|lefticon=0xFFFFFF|righticon=0xFFFFFF|loop=no]

Dark Violet #9400D3
deepskyblue #00BFFF



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