About Jin

Some of the Projects & tracks that i have had the privilege to be a part of……


Lead Vocals & B/Vox on “Space Cowboy – I Would Die 4U” (2002)
Lead Vocals, Keyboards/programming on “WiLDE – I Won’t Let You Down” (2003) (released in Canada & US)


Lead Vocals & B/Vox on “Uniting Nations – Out Of Touch” (2004-5)
Lead Vocals & B/Vox on “Uniting Nations – You & Me” (2005)
Lead Vocals & B/Vox on the following tracks of
“Uniting Nations Album – One World” (2005)

No: Track Name:
1. Out Of Touch
2. You & Me
4. Music In Me
5. Tonight (in The City)
7. Loving You
8. Feels Like Heaven
9. Make Love
11. Destiny
13. Out Of Touch (i Love You So Much) (extended Version)
14. Music In Me (accapella)
15. Tonight (in The City)
16. Loving You (accapella)
17. Feels Like Heaven (accapella)
18. Make Love (accapella)

Also on the following tracks/projects:

ONE TRACK MINDS Feat JIN WILDE “Voices” Copyright Prod./ Defected (20th March 2006)

(Did the vocal re-create of the original Police track.)

BRADSHAW Feat: Jin Wilde – “Take Me Home” (SONY/Bmg) Release Summer 2006 (tbc)

(Completely original song written by Mat Bradshaw & Jinian Wilde)

DJ DAZ “The Whoa Song” (vocalist Jin Wilde) Ebul/SonyBMG ( tbc 2006)

(Did all the Vocals on this reworked version)

Played guitar & programmed along with David Gainsford of ParisMusic on:

BASS MONKEYS “Beautiful ( Thrill Bill)” In:stinct (tbc)

14th Precinct – “I’m all out of Love” (BOSS Records)

Axwell – I Found You.  (David & I did the re-create of the original track that Axwell used for the basis of the song)

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2 03 2007

Bonjure!Hey unc hows things going??My computor wont play your audio clips so i cant listen to them.Stupid media player.Anyway good luck and hope all is well even thought i have seen you recently.

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