Warning!! – – – GEEK ALERT!! 🙂

For all the geeks & Musos that love to talk “Gear” (of which i am one) then this page may interest you. Here is an (hopefully ever growing) list of the gear that i use in my music making & recording. I don’t use much hardware anymore as i find it a lot easier to use software based synths etc, so most of this list will reflect that.

2013 Update:

Wow, just a few years and so much change? 🙂 Many things are different now. The Vocal Booth has doubled in size and can now accomodate more people (Which is great) and the equipment i’m using on a daily basis has changed also.

I’m no longer using some of the Hardware i’ve been using for years (Joe Meek VC & Analog desk etc) and in is the new PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL, with 8 Mic Inputs and 8 ADAT inputs. This has made such a difference to the recording process it’s incredible.





Software has changed somewhat as well, with the addition of Reaper (My Favourite DAW so far) which i for much of the original recordings that i do. Cubase VST32 (That i have been using for years now) has now been put on the backshelf, and is taken over by Cubase 6. It’s only the Elements version as i’m only using it for work, but i have to say that Cubase is an amazing piece of software. Although it took some time to get used to (It’s very different from VST32) i’m now getting comfortable with it, and it’s fantastic!!

Having started a Degree Course in Music Production at UCS Bury St Edmunds last year, i have also purchased Pro Tools 10 (Soon to be upgraded to 11). I’d love to say a lot about this software, because it has a really nice Audio Engine and the sound, when mixing down, is nothing short of amazing!! But the rest of the software really lets the side down. 😦 Still, i’m optimistic that when version 11 comes out in a few months, it’ll be a totally different experience? 64 bit capability (At last) will really make a difference. 🙂

I’m also just about to start using Logic Pro, as we’re using it for any compositions at Uni this year, so very much looking forward to that.


2011 UPDATE:

June 2011, sees the opening of my new studio, aptly titled “Wilde Rose Studio”  which, as well as being the place where i do most of my recorded works, is now also a “Dedicated Vocal Recording Studio”.  As well as the usual software based DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) there is now a Roland VS1824CD linked to the main system, a Dedicated Vocal area housing two SE Electronics SEx1 Large Diaphragm Mics, complete with Beyer DT100 Headphones & SE Electronics Vocal Reflection Filters. Still using the Joe Meek for all compression because it’s just so good (Some things never change). 🙂

For my own working vocals i now use the SE 2200A Large Diaphragm Mic. When the Behringer B2 (A truly wonderful Mic by the way) finally bit the dust a few years back, i decided to try the SE range of mics….. and i’m very glad that i did. It’s an excellent Microphone, not too coloured, but not too plain either. It’s handled everything i’ve thrown at it these last 2-3 years, and was the sole reason for the addition of the SEx1’s and filters, for Wilde Rose Studio.  It’s a fantastic setup, for myself and also for the clients that record here.

For almost “ALL” vocals i use an SE2200 Large Diaphragm Mic, which is fed into a Joe Meek compressor, which in turn goes into a very small, sleek & compact Behringer desk. This then goes into the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) which houses an M-Audio Delta 410 24 bit sound card (Thanks Paul). This suits pretty much all my needs for vocal work & to date i have never used anything else. All of the Uniting Nations singles & the album, plus everything i have done in the last 7-8 years, has been done with this setup & it’s still going strong.

This then goes into Cubase VST/32 (Still haven’t moved to SX) which again, suits all my needs. Loads of tracks, plenty of grunt, and using various  plugins  it gives me immense control & power over everything. I also use Propellerheads Reason (V5) along with ReCord (Which i’m slowly getting used to).

I also use 3 guitars for both Live work & ideas in the studio. The main one is a Jap Fender Telecaster (1984) custom. The other is my workhorse Jackson Charvel. Both are fed into a Roland VG8EX which i’ve had for a good few years now & really love. So quick & easy to use, and with so many sounds & setups available it makes song ideas using the guitar such fun!


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